The Gem City Guards.

This photograph of the Gem City Guards in front of the Putnam House is attributed to J. G. Mangold. The names of five of its members were written on the back: Gus Willard, Bert MacLaury, Dr. Lorrie, Tony Usina, and Lee Russel.

Two photographs of the Gem City Guards from the collection of the Florida State Archives. The arrow in each photograph is pointing to Richard G. Neck. The photograph on the left is identified as the Guards waiting to leave the Palatka railroad depot on their way to St. Augustine. The photograph on the right is identified as the Guards at Fort Marion in St. Augustine. The Guards participated in an encampment in St. Augustine in 1904 and so this photograph may date from this time.

Muster Rolls: 1887, 1890.
Muster Rolls: 1893.
Rules and Regulations Governing the Gem City Guards, 1884.

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